BNP Paribas in Belgium Individuals

Professionals close at hand whenever you need them

Operating under the BNP Paribas banner, Fintro is always close by, serving individual customers, entrepreneurs and small companies in Belgium.

The network of Fintro agents comprises almost 300 banking agents and insurance brokers, backed up by a thousand office staff.

Fintro’ retail branches offer customers the comprehensive range of BNP Paribas Fortis banking products.

As registered insurance brokers, Fintro agents also provide clients with insurance cover and protection in all areas.

Fintro’s close personal service is based on twin pillars: highly professional agents, who are based in the neighbourhood and closely involved in the local community.

Fintro agents often live close by their customers. They are always there to help clients manage their finances optimally and to advise them on their personal plans and professional projects.

Alongside these neighbourhood services and the PC banking online platform, Fintro also offers a mobile banking service, Fintro Easy banking.

Fintro is a pioneer in the use of social media in Belgium. Since 2012, an ever-increasing number of self-employed agents have their own Facebook page. In addition, Fintro has a national page in French and Dutch.

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