BNP Paribas in Belgium Individuals

AlphaCredit, No. 1 in consumer credits

AlphaCredit manages the personal loans acquired by BNP Paribas Fortis and Fintro. It also issues revolving payment cards.

The company also sells all types of loans for new or second-hand car or motorcycle dealers at points of sale, for credit companies and for large retail stores.

Furthermore, AlphaCredit is active in the business-to-consumer sector, enabling individual consumers to file loan or card applications anytime on line or by phone.

AlphaCredit has made its responsible lending policy a cornerstone of its commercial strategy to support sustainable growth. Responsible lending practices are applied at each stage of the customer relationship, from making a loan offer through to setting up and monitoring the loan. These practices are built on customer needs, the policy’s central pillar, and customer satisfaction, which is measured regularly.

A 100% subsidiary of BNP Paribas Fortis, AlphaCredit has been active since 1991. With more than 1 million customers, it is the market leader in consumer credit in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


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