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Helping everyone to make the right choices

BNP Paribas Fortis organises each year hundreds of information sessions for everyone, both individual consumers and entrepreneurs,  both clients and non-clients.  Young people and their parents are not forgotten either.

For households, young people, the self-employed and business owners, it is no easy to choose the type of loan or select the savings or investment vehicle that best meets their needs.  This is all the more true  if they do not have an adequate knowledge of financial matters. Moreover, some financial products become increasingly sophisticated.  Last but not least, regulations are constantly changing – even experts in any field require constant retraining to keep abreast of the fast rate of changes.

BNP Paribas Fortis’ commercial advisors and relationship managers provide clients and prospects with clear, objective and unbiased information on a daily basis.  The customer can also obtain advice on the phone from our Easy Banking contact centre staff and carry out basic transactions through this channel. Everyone can also consult extensive information sections on various websites, including

But as on other domestic markets, BNP Paribas in Belgium goes much further by organising information sessions designed to help individual customers and business owners make better financial decisions.

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