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March 12, 2009 -

EcoTV March 2009: Eastern countries, solutions to the crisis, getting out of recession in UK… All in video

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The webTV for BNP Paribas economists, is presented by the journalist Sybille Deshedin. On the agenda every month is Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research; as well as two interviews regarding the top headlines in the international economic world. EcoTV is the monthly economic news source in video.

This month, the three subjects are dedicated to: Eastern countries in the turmoil, questions on solutions to the banking crisis, and getting out of the recession in the United Kingdom.

Eastern countries in the turmoil
Philippe d’Arvisenet, Director of Economic Research

“ […] banks households in Eastern Europe are indebted in currency which is not the currency in which they have their income so they are exposed to exchange rate risks. ”

Banking crisis: Questions on solutions
Laurent Quignon, OCDE Economist

“ […] banks are wanting to reduce their dependence from market resources and give the priority to the increase in customer deposits. . ”

United Kingdom: Getting out of recession…
Raymond Van der Putten, OCDE Economist

“[…] As a result of the recapitalization in October, the government has taken large shares in some of Britain’s main high street banks. But it turned out that this was not to be sufficient to restart lending. ”

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