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May 23, 2008 - ,

Visual update – The “Prize for Philanthropy” by BNP Paribas Banque Privée

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The first “Prize BNP Paribas for Philanthropy” is given to Dr. Mo Ibrahim for his philanthropic action in the domain of sustainable development in an emerging country.

On May 15, prizes were issued at the Chateau de Versailles, France, with an audience of 250 BNP Paribas Banque Privée* clients. The prizes recognize moral responsibility, personal engagement, professionalism, perseverance and impact of the actions taken by philanthropists.

The 20 nominees were selected by a jury of 10 experts presided over by Amartya Sen (the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics winner). The jurors were able to understand the personal journey each candidate made thanks to the research previously done by Reporters d’Espoir.

See the video report of “Prize BNP Paribas for Philanthropy”

Dr. Mo Ibrahim received the Grand Prize for his actions in favour of better governance in sub-Saharan Africa. Among the 100 candidates that most influenced the world, it was Dr. Mo Ibrahim’s entrepreneurial journey through the telecommunication sector, as well as being a leader for democracy via his foundation, is a beautiful example of commitment that clients of Banque Privée can follow.

See the video report of Dr Mo Ibrahim

The jury gave an Honourable Mention (Prix Coup de Coeur), to Ms. Amina Laraki-Slaoui, for carrying out a local and original project. Following a bicycle accident that rendered her paraplegic, she created the Noor Centre, the first centre for the rehabilitation of handicapped people in Casablanca, after having worked hard for social, scholarly and professional integration for handicapped people in Morocco.

See the video interview of Amina Laraki-Slaoui

With these prizes, BNP Paribas wishes to honour exemplary projects, favour the sharing of experiences and encourage the emergence of other projects in these domains.

* BNP Paribas’ private banking

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