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BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation: combating social exclusion among disadvantaged children and young people through education

BNP Paribas Fortis Foundation supports a large number of community projects in Belgium.

Supporting many education-oriented projects for children.

Supporting many education-oriented projects for children.

Combatting social exclusion, primarily by backing educational projects for disadvantaged children and youngsters, is the main priority.

Since 2010 the Foundation has been supporting 1,390 Belgian not-for-profit associations, including 843 through direct financial support in a total amount of more than 4.6 million euro.

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However, nothing would be possible without the strength and engagement of BNP Paribas staff. In 2014 some 870 of them participated in Foundation activities, also as community project initiators.

The Foundation’s activities can be divided into three main areas.

Supporting community projects focusing on education as a means of integrating back into society disadvantaged children and young people

The Awards programme is the Foundation’s flagship vehicle for providing financial support to education-oriented projects run by not-for-profit organisations.

Supporting projects designed to help young people who have dropped out of educational, social or family structures.

Supporting projects designed to help young people who have dropped out of educational, social or family structures.

The Jump programme supports over a three-year period projects designed to help young people who are becoming estranged from their families or dropping out of society to get back on track. Three new sustainable partnerships were launched in November 2014.

The Foundation also supports tutoring programmes run by several Belgian universities to re-kindle young people’s enthusiasm for studying and help them build their future.

Encouraging and supporting staff who take part in community projects

The Foundation encourages staff to volunteer for civic-minded activities carried out by teams during working hours – Solidarity Team Building initiatives or, on a more individual level, the Help2Help and Move2Help programmes.

Get a feel for what Solidarity Team Building is all about by watching the film below.

Organising solidarity initiatives

The Foundation provides charitable organisations with items of used office equipment including, as part of an overall drive to help bridge the digital divide, reconditioned computer equipment.

In addition, every winter the Foundation holds a country-wide collection of ‘Red Cents’ through the BNP Paribas Fortis and Fintro branches. In 2014, the initiative enabled to raise 107,000 euro for the Belgian food banks and in this way, to donate 35,650 meals to some of the neediest people in this country.  More information on the Red Cents project Frenchin Dutch.

This video illustrates the challenges faced by caring organisations such as De Okkernoot.  This not-for-profit organisation provides accommodation and activities for people suffering from autism or similar conditions. During three days in October 2013, more than 150 BNP Paribas staff carried out various jobs at the Denderwindeke construction site and the existing buildings at Vollezele – sanding and varnishing doors and window frames, plastering, digging a trench for the waste pipes, cleaning up the site, etc.

BNP Paribas, an active corporate patron the world over

Through its various foundations and thanks to the involvement of its employees, BNP Paribas supports numerous projects in the areas of culture, solidarity, education, health and the environment.

BNP Paribas Corporate Philanthropy ensures the overall coherence and effectiveness of the sponsorship programs that the bank conducts around the world. This policy is managed by the BNP Paribas Foundation, an active patron since 1984.